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Lulu Mall Kochi : Ridiculous parking fees & prices

I have heard a lot of praise for the LULU Mall in Kochi. However I have more gripes than compliments for the Mall. Its a big Mall, but no bigger than your average sized Mall in a first world  country The sales personnel in  high end shops are snooty and snobbish If you pay the […]
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Molded in Prayer

Originally posted on DarylMadden:
Deep within Your silence Something that I know Beyond the soul is touched That human eye won’t show Something in the light Warms in casting rays Nourishing the soul While our being prays Something in the Spirit Beyond the sense of feel In stillness of receiving The unknown You reveal Soul…

Vengeance : A Poem

Every time I feel the impulse to plot revenge fantasies, I remember what Jesus said to Pontius Pilate “You would have no authority over Me unless it were given to you from above. Therefore the one who handed Me over to you is guilty of greater sin.” Every time some one sticks a dagger down your gut, […]
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Crossed Out

Maimed for our offences He became our defense Our Savior and Lord His name we laud Prostrate we fall before the king of all The punishment was gory that led him to glory God quenched his fury and brought forth victory tis’ a great mystery that made history Clothed in linens white bearing his light […]
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Divine Retreat center : Day 4

Today it was supposed to be the day where everyone is supposed to receive the gift of the holy spirit. Frankly, I was just too tired and overwhelmed after having seated myself from morning till evening on the same seat for the last 4 days. It felt like I was impaled on a  javelin. Highlight […]
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