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Question to all Bloggers: Please Respond

If I follow someone on WP, All I can see in my reader are the blog that I follow. I find that very annoying because I would like to see what others are blogging about…. Help me!!!! Advertisements

Place for the Stolen — Discover

“Like that one guy said: Good writers borrow, great writers steal. Welcome to the place where all things have been lifted, looted, and otherwise pilfered.” Daily short fiction, set with creative type and color, from Jenny Maloney. via Place for the Stolen — Discover

Divorce The Storm. — BayArt

Clouds are not the standard indication of a sunny day. Their presence gives way to concealment. Clouds are synonymous with change. I woke up heavy today. I wake often feeling heavy but today that weight felt more pronounced. When you spend a large amount of your time pretending everything is “OK,” you tend to compress […] […]
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Pause to connect with life — BayArt

Years ago, I remember watching an energizer battery commercial with a bunny playing a drum, demonstrating the power of the battery to keep the bunny “going and going and going…” This was how I lived. I ran my life, as if it was a race; trying to get everything done before reaching the finish line. […] […]
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Another one using Mixcraft

I was experimenting with the drums in Mixcraft…