Enterprise Architecture for the Digital Economy (In English)


With the advent of the digital economy, we find ourselves barraged with vast amounts of information readily available at our fingertips. Boundary-less Information Flow™, the vision of the Open Group, is more significant than ever from the macroeconomics of connected markets to the microeconomics of social media, mobile services & wearables. Digitization has greatly simplified business process and structures, but the technology surrounding it has become increasingly complex. This is particularly true for large enterprises.

So what is Digital Transformation (DT) and how does it impact enterprise architecture?

Enterprise Architecture for the Digital Economy (In English)


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Clouds are not the standard indication of a sunny day. Their presence gives way to concealment. Clouds are synonymous with change. I woke up heavy today. I wake often feeling heavy but today that weight felt more pronounced. When you spend a large amount of your time pretending everything is “OK,” you tend to compress […]

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