Insomnium : Only one who waits

Son of man
You’re on your own
The coming winter
You’ll face alone

The heart that you cherished so
The hand that you tried to hold
Belong to a stranger
But a vision you crafted

Alone you came into this world
Came into being
Alone you are still when you’re leaving
When you’re waning

Hounds of winter
Bay at the moors
Demons of loneliness
Bide at your door now

Not one heart that would stay true
Not one soul that bleeds for you
They’ll turn away
One dreary day

Alone you’re in this world
In the middle of it all
If you keep holding on
It will hurt even more

Only one who stays
Only one who waits
Your shadow by your side
Only friend in life


Showdown: Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) vs Microservices

There has been a lot of discussion going on in the internet on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Microservices lately. There were a lot of debates as to what makes them different from one another, and which one is better among the two. There were many valid arguments from both sides.

While some consider Microservices as the future of architectural style, many others still prefer SOA. Let’s get an idea on our contenders so we can come to a conclusion.

Showdown: Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) vs Microservices

Essential Tips to Find the Right Software Development Company

You may already know a few variables that you need to consider so as to find the right partner from a large number of software development companies in the market, to help grow your business. But do you ask the right questions? There are a lot of factors to be taken into account before hiring a software provider.

With your business growing, you will eventually have to acquire a software that caters to your business needs. This is basically a race to get your business into the digital realm and expand it.

Essential Tips to Find the Right Software Development Company