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Palmistry, Horoscopes,Handwriting analysis & Personality Tests

So the first two i.e palmistry and horoscopes are for quack jobs, but then, that is also like trying to prove or disprove the existence  of GOD. Maybe there is something to it. Handwriting analysis and Personality tests are grounded on scientific research.  The point that I am trying to make is that none of […]
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UPDATED: What Makes A Strong Blog Post & Why Contribute To BayArt?

Announcement Thank you to all you beautiful people who came out to join us! We’re the fast growing community and I hope we’ll reach millions of people within several months. Now, BayArt… Source: UPDATED: What Makes A Strong Blog Post & Why Contribute To BayArt?

Rash Driving Kerala: The Real Culprits

vehiclesBelow are excerpts from  regional news articles. Read it, but please bear with me…because I have a point to make From “The statistics may not be very high when compared to the offences committed by the drivers of private vehicles. But it is high when compared to KSRTC’s own statistics in the previous years,” […]
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