The Road Less Travelled

MongoDB CRUD Operations

A basic understanding of the SQL Query operations that you can do in MongoDB.


Not Waving, But Drowning

Not Waving, But Drowning a poem by Stevie Smith

The Bitch & The Lord

Romans 8:11 & Forgiven through grace

The demons are coming back

Not even a   day after the retreat, I feel like 10 more demons are trying to find a place inside me. When ever you are institutionalized (by that I mean retreats as well), you think you have overcome your demons and have swept your house clean. But it has never worked for me…. I […]
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A moment in time

I am alone but Am I alone? A chasm seperating my being of goat heads and a lamb slain betwixt knowledge and wisdom betwixt the world and the Word caught in the intrepid dance between being teased and wanting to please my life runs amok and my blood curdles because I am so lost in […]
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