The Road Less Travelled

On a rampage

Talk to me with caution Since I can create a commotion I landed in a state of confusion Losing my ardent devotion So hard I was striving To be rid of thoughts conniving A season of negativity was brewing What was my brain doing? Migraines, my faithful visitor Loneliness makes me bitter I yearn to […]
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Fresh as broccoli

In my darkest hours God sent me his helpers Waves of mercy in the form of a brother He was better than any counselor A friend whose love was matchless When I felt defenseless His affection was like a gentle breeze Forgetting his pains, he made me feel at ease When my heart couldn’t contain […]
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Standing tall

You make me feel like a sixteen year old To grace my beauty, I’ve no need of gold The sound of your voice more soothing than waterfalls I feel like a beauty among the dolls When you keep silent, my heart writhes in pain By ignoring me, what do you gain? When you profess affection, […]
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Bottle of tears

Psalm 56:8 tells us “God collects our tears in a bottle”. It was a disappointment when my first love who I was supposed to be married to backed out through no fault of mine. My dreams were shattered and shame overtook me…. It still hurts a bit, when I think about it, but God granted […]
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Blade of betrayal

Sometimes, we take great pains in serving god, but to our disappointment, we are faced with trials or diseases over which we have no control and we feel like we were betrayed by god even though we took great pains to serve him.  Not realizing that we don’t deserve anything, we blame him for our […]
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