The Road Less Travelled


This is about one of my girl friends who is married. She met someone who guided and supported her in struggles. She developed a strong love for him as a friend and a bit confused as to the nature of this love, though she is sure that her husband is still her true love. She […]
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There are times in your life, you backslide and lose your devotion to god and family, the ones that love you the most. Instead of spending time with them, you end up with a misconception that social media will meet your emotional needs. Finally, I understood that social media had become an idol in my […]
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A poem dedicated to my husband! As embellishments to a shawl You adorn my soul As anklets beautify one’s feet Your love makes me sweet As the tumultuous waves of the seas You possess the power to disturb my peace As a child excited to play with snow I’ll be thrilled when you own your […]
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Powerline fonts, Devicon glyphs, URXVT, Neo VIM

For over a year I had been trying to get these to work together, but I had never been able to get them to play together. I tried installing Powerline fonts, Nerd fonts (the full set) different versions of URXVT, different versions of nvim, but the results were always the same, a bunch of disrespectful […]
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Nifty Linux Commands

Some commands I wish I knew from back in the day. I thought I would share. Switch to the last directory: Suppose you end up in a long directory path and then you move to another directory in a totally different path. And then you realize that you have to go back to the previous […]
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