The Road Less Travelled


For the longest time in my life, I was addicted to sugar.  This poem is about my sweet tooth.  Sugar is one of the things I can’t live without…. I know too much of it would kill me, so setting a limit would be the best option for me to be happy. I am not […]
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This poem is about someone who is separated from his better half.  While he is trying to forget her, he feels thirsty for her love.  He feels like a desert with none to nourish him emotionally. He felt like a parched land With none to hold his hand Like a desert devoid of rains He […]
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Python IDE with Neovim

Neovim is my favourite editor, so it was only natural for me to try and use it as my python IDE. Setting it up was not an easy task because I haven’t programmed in ages, neither do I have serious experience with Linux. Before I get into the nuts and the bolts let me tell […]
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Automatic filesystem checks Arch Linux

The Linux filesystem can be damaged under various circumstances, e.g., system crash, power loss, disconnected disk, accidentally overwritten i-node, etc. Thus it is a good idea to check the integrity of the filesystem regularly to minimize the risk of filesystem corruption. When it comes to checking and repairing Linux filesystem, fsck is a useful tool. In my […]
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Using the fingerprint reader to unlock Arch Linux

login to i3 window manager using i3lock using the fingerprint reader (X1-Carbon)