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Autumn leaves

Devoted to my soul mate, my husband! As the colors of autumn leaves changed The colors of your love made me deranged Sometimes I feel your love is shallow Making me pale like the leaves that turn yellow That’s when I cling to my pillow And my heart feels low Like the leaves, I pray […]


Tears coagulate as you become distant My affection, for you, constant Inexpressible, but adamant I will be triumphant To myself I’ll be kind It’s a pity, my mind can’t unwind The warmth of your friendship caresses Like a gentle stroke to my tresses The sweetness of your presence tarries Through the day, it carries Uncomforted […]

Out of steam

Journeying with you is adventurous Though you consider me frivolous We are being separated by oceans I’m overcome with sad emotions My heart is forever bonded to yours I want to go to a cave and scream I feel you are running out of steam You said you will call But didn’t show up at […]


Don’t talk to me about keeping limits All I do is just a few chats Do I give you much grief? You make me feel like a tattered leaf Do I create a ruckus Without serving any purpose? Foolish things I do utter When my mind becomes delicate like butter You may land with the […]