Jeff Miller

Pastor @ Baptist Church of Watkins Glen

Hello, my name is Jeff Miller and I reside in Upstate New York with my wife, Diana. We have three children, a dog and a few farm animals. I enjoy painting, music and writing. As a pastor, I hope to convey my thoughts about the world around me through a Christian lens. I do this through my blog, “A Closer Look.”

In addition to pastoring and writing “A Closer Look,” I also drive a medical shuttle, contribute as a freelance writer for my local newspaper, am president of my local historical society and am a board member for a local nonprofit arts organization. I also have another blog called “Flashback Friday Christian Music Review” which pays tribute to the classic Contemporary Christian albums of the 20 th Century, and my sermons can be found online at “First Baptist Church of Watkins Glen.” Below are links to my websites and Facebook pages.

Hope you enjoy!

A Closer Look

Flashback Friday Christian Music Review

First Baptist Church of Watkins Glen

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