Christmas Gifts 2016

This is just a trip down memory lane for my kids, If they ever happen to stop by.
I am hoping that you received these gifts. They were all send to the pastor of the Church you attend (Mr. Daniel Davidson) when you were in 4th and 5th grade. I am guessing you received the gifts even though I have no confirmation of any sort.  I am really tired of having to go talk to different people to get some information on you, so I am ceasing all efforts to communicate with you, because the powers that be does not want that to happen.

I am sure by now, you will only have a vague memory of me, that is most likely littered with character defamation’s.  If it is in GOD’s will, you may get a chance to know me, if not, it’s still in GOD’s immaculate will. Till that time, goodbye.

$125 Gift-card for Anaiah (Daughter)
$125 Gift-card for Anaiah (Daughter)
$200 gift card for wife
$200 gift card for wife
Everland All-In-One Skate Tools (Y-Green)
Mongoose BMX Bike Gel Knee and Elbow Pad Set
Long board and accessories worth $125 for Aaron
Bones Bearings Reds Bearings (8 Pack w/ Spacers & Washers & Speed Cream)

Blessed! Precious Is Our Family

For this reason we also, since the day we heard it, do not cease to pray for you, and to ask that you may be filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding.
Colossians 1:9

How do you pray for family members? Our families are our greatest blessings—and sometimes our greatest burdens. When we have tension in our marriages or homes, we suffer deep pain, anger, or anxiety. When we’re worried about a loved one, the distress can become obsessive.

There are four things we can do in every circumstance: (1) Love unconditionally. Remember, loving someone doesn’t mean endorsing his or her behavior. (2) Model the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). When you’re loving, joyful, peaceful and patient, it always improves the climate. (3) As much as possible, keep open the lines of communication. (4) Pray. Convert the prayers of Paul into prayers for your family. For example, the churches in the Colossian region were troubled, but Paul prayed: “…that you may be filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding; that you may walk worthy of the Lord” (Colossians 1:9-10).

Our families are precious blessings that should be treated with prayer. Remember, God can do more with them than we can.

Jesus…is infinitely concerned about those we love and for whom we pray, and he wants to pray with us for them.
Jill Briscoe in “Prayer That Works”

Was I too harsh on you?
Is that why you had to leave?
I shirk at the though of my rage-
that which I hate the most.

I think about you everyday.
Remember how we used to play peek-a-boo.
how we used to tickle each other
wrestle and scare each other

There isn’t a day passed
Every waking moment
my minds eye is filled-
with your countenance

My heart sighs and heaves,
my brow scrunched with remorse.
I miss you so much.
Why did you have to go?

My folks told me
love flows downward more
than it flows upward
How true is that?

I will never deserve your love
because I was never there for you.

Never there to wipe your tears,
never there to hold you or give you a tight hug,
never there to play a game of Uno or Monopoly,
never there to share a laugh or an awkward moment

my world collapsed when u left.
There is a hole in my heart
and it yearns to be filled.

someone asked-
fill it with the love of GOD?
That was easy!

My will collapsed
walking about like a stray dog
edging towards anonymity
with a death wish for ambition.

Twilight’s End

Missing my Children
Missing my Children

tis was the night of the full moon
but the moon never shone
for it was overcast with clouds of gloom
She was my little princess
my first born,  my pride and my lass
my queen of the night

The king of the day,
the sun was at full mast
but the clouds of  dearth
blinded his lustre
He was my second born
my budding prince

My sweet children,
Will you ever grace my vision?
your sweet countenance
was always pleasing to my eyes.
I never believed
that I deserved you.

Maybe someday
on a better tomorrow
I will see your light
I will bask in the presence
of your love and affection.
One day, when the tide is even.

On that day
the day of atonement
I will sing praises to my GOD
I will continually glorify His Name
but in the mean time
I will be patient and sing of His mercies.

Missing my Children Aaron & Anaiah
Missing my Children, Aaron & Anaiah

I know and have resigned to the fate that I might never see you again. Even if we do, you may not remember me as I remember  (ember that???) you.

I want you to know that I remember you everyday and I pray for you everyday. You have helped me to get closer to GOD and I will always love you for that.

No matter what happens in your life,  what careers you choose, weather you are rich or poor, weather you are graced by friends or loneliness, always ember’ that there is hope….the same hope that GOD has given me.

-To my children Aaron and Anaiah


Candy Cane & Sweet Nothings

Poem of the day
A new poem every day
when mine eyes closed in infamy
the brood, dissected the privation of my progeny
God warranted me with a daughter
then he supplanted me with a son
I said, You were the crowns for my crown
for God had vindicated me
my detractors quieted and meted away
peace restored and the kingdom come.
You were my all, my Joy and my love
you brought me solace to my soul
 Gay with mirth, my pride was my downfall
for I took you for granted
My joy raided and raped
My crown plundered  and pillaged
the onlookers laughed  with scorn
My pride of lions unmannerly snatched away
With my faith buttressed on GOD
I swore to deny myself 
vengeance, pain and sorrow
my shield , a strong fortress.
My dear children, you will never know 
how much I pined for your existence
You will never know, 
what could have been
for you were snatched away from me,
with the promise of candy canes and cheap nothings.
something, that I would have denied you
except the cane,for those unscripted moments of mischief

Because I care

Written By : Prashant Thomas