RXVT-Unicode Features

rxvt-unicode is a customizable terminal emulator forked from rxvt. Features of rxvt-unicode include international language support through Unicode, transparency, the ability to display multiple font types and support for Perl extensions. I have always liked rxvt because it has a very simple UI and its configurable using .Xresources. It supports Nerd fonts and Powerline fonts. Powerline Fonts Nerd Fonts Nerd... Continue Reading →

Powerline fonts, Devicon glyphs, URXVT, Neo VIM

For over a year I had been trying to get these to work together, but I had never been able to get them to play together. I tried installing Powerline fonts, Nerd fonts (the full set) different versions of URXVT, different versions of nvim, but the results were always the same, a bunch of disrespectful... Continue Reading →

Oracle VirtualBox in Archlinux using Docker

When you try to create a virtualbox using the docker machine command docker-machine create --driver VirtualBox myvm1 you may get the following error Running pre-create checks... Creating machine... (default) Copying C:\Users\me\.docker\machine\cache\boot2docker.iso to C:\Users\me\.docker\machine\machines\default\boot2docker.iso... (default) Creating VirtualBox VM... (default) Creating SSH key... (default) Starting the VM... (default) Check network to re-create if needed... (default) Windows might... Continue Reading →

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