Advanced .Net Interview Questions

Can static constructors use optional arguments? As MSDN says, A static constructor is called automatically to initialize the class before the first instance is created. Therefore you can't send it any parameters. If the CLR must call a static constructor how will it know which parameters to pass it? Name design patterns and principles you... Continue Reading →

Shard or be Shredded

“Bob: So, how do I query the database? IT guy: It’s not a database. It’s a Key-Value store. . . . You write a distributed map-reduce function in Erlang. Bob: Did you just tell me to go **** myself? IT guy: I believe I did, Bob.” —Fault Tolerance cartoon, @jrecursive, 2009 Prelude Relational databases have... Continue Reading → Interview questions

Q) In what order do the events of an ASPX page execute. As a developer is it important to undertsand these events?  INIT, PageLoad, Prerender , UNload. Q) In which event are the controls fully loaded?  Page load event guarantees that all controls are fully loaded. Controls are also accessed in Page_Init events but you will see that view... Continue Reading →

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