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In Flames : Pure Eargasm

IN FLAMES : Responsible for developing the genre now known as melodic death metal.

Female Metal Vocals

If you dig it!!!!  

In Memory of my dad

I was working on this when my dad was really sick. I never got a chance to complete it because the application license ran out. My father has since passed away, but every time I hear this tune, it brings back memories of his struggle with COPD. Love you dad.

Five Finger Death Punch: Wrong side of heaven

If this song doesn’t move you….. nothing will. Next time you see a veteran… think about the sacrifices that they have made. Song dedicated to all the war veterans of this world Since “One mans freedom is another mans Tyranny”  “Wrong Side Of Heaven” I spoke to God today, and she said that she’s ashamed. […]
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Insomnium – While We Sleep

When your heart gives out and your love collapses When the hand that never lets go is there no more When you reap and sow only throe and resentment When there’s no one else but you to blame it for When all you ever wish for is to go back once more When all you […]
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Insomnium : Only one who waits

Son of man You’re on your own The coming winter You’ll face alone The heart that you cherished so The hand that you tried to hold Belong to a stranger But a vision you crafted Alone you came into this world Came into being Alone you are still when you’re leaving When you’re waning Hounds […]
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