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This void in my heart Infinite chasm, beyond repair looking inward where does this pain come from? secret lies and hidden thoughts A morbid disease of the soul in a desert of lascivious pride black is the color of my true love perfidious, feckless, fickle Vegetating in this slump Wallowing in the wastelands of imperfect […]
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Beast of Burden

Death and Dying

Summer’s End

How do you mitigate a severed relationship. Is there a return to status quo?

Healing for My Pain

  Pain, oh what pain and anguish that grip my heart Trying, and so desperately, to rip me apart No tongue can tell the tangling that is deep within Tears cannot express what despair has set in Ah, but what is that I hear? It’s the strain of a tune about help that’s near Ready […]
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I am impressed in debt I cant seem to wring free these bonds that tie me up, are tightening its grip on me my nakedness reveal my shame my inner man is but a shadow in retreat Each day brings forth neglect and compulsions I cant seem to idle away a day in sublime peace […]
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