Embers of Love

The longings of my soul
An oblivion to all
The sobs of my heart
You’ve seen only in part
Will your heart bow
To the embers of my love?
My love for you can’t be contained
My brain needs to be trained
To stop this restlessness
Why do I Obsess?
I resent your busyness
unaffected is my fondness

Put an end to my restraints
Just listen to my complaints
I am bereft of slumber
With mild expressions of anger
Rend my heart to see
My desperate plea
Take me to a state of glee
To a world of dreams, I want to flee
Where you and I can talk for hours
Those moments will just be ours
When you satiate my thirst
And for a while, I’d be first
Your compliments, I treasure
Your presence gives me pleasure
you are my gift from heaven
In you, I find a safe haven

-A poem by Maria Joseph


Steady Steps


"If the LORD delights in a man's way, he makes his steps firm;

 though he stumble, he will not fall, 

for the LORD upholds him with his hand"

Psalm 37:23-24
Held in His hand, I shall see the Promised Land.
Never should I fear, because He is always near.
Though I may stumble, He won’t ever let me tumble.
So much love, from the One who is above.


My Steps are firm and solid, and my ticket to Heaven is valid.
Holding me close, his love clearly shows.
Protected by his wings, to the Eternal Rock I cling.
His majesty is glorious, and through him I am victorious.


Such wonderful care and such beautiful prayer.
His amazing peace will never cease.
Unending joy I’ve been given, and to Heaven I’ll be driven.
He’s always kept his word, and I know that I’m part of his herd.
Now my friends will you take his hand? He wants all of us in the Promised Land.
He will never let you fall, neither big or small.
He will always care for you. It doesn’t matter what you do.
All he needs is your love. Just give it to the One above.


I know He is with me and He won’t ever leave me.
He is my shield. The contract has been sealed.
He has given me life and protected me from strife.
Whom shall I fear when my Jesus is near?


This poem was written by my nephew (Jeremy Joseph). I wanted to share it, because I loved it.