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Red – Pieces (Lyrics+Video)

Once upon a time this was me. This is a shout out to everyone who got a second chance. Not all of us get to be this lucky… Most of us just fade away… lost and forgotten I’m here again A thousand miles away from you A broken mess, just scattered pieces of who I […]
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Ghost : He Is (Lyrics Revisited)

We’re standing by the tree of life in God’s garden of Eden We’re children born of hallowed love our names, etched in his heart He is El elyon, el shadai, the Lord our righteousness And he is El Olam, Adonai, the lord who sanctifies He is Jehovah Jireh Jehovah sabaoth He is we are hiding […]
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Ghost : Bible lyrics revisited

Christening the Bible song by the satanic band “Ghost”

My Children

I miss them dearly.  I would give anything, just to get a glimpse of their images. Sadly my request has been denied. I guess that’s how new age mom’s take revenge on the dad’s.  It’s OK. My Dad used to say, you can’t create a clapping sound by waving one hand. Only a pair of […]
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Megadeath Vs Arch enemy (Symphony of Destruction)

I accidentally came across the classic song “Symphony of Destruction” on YouTube ( happens to be an all time favorite song for me). Arch enemy has rendition-ed the song in their own guttural growls. Which do you think sounds better? I liked the original, but after hearing Arch enemy a couple of times, I am […]
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