A Gem

I wrote this love poem as a birthday present for my darling husband who is a very compassionate and patient man.  When he finished reading it, he was deeply moved and a bit teary eyed!

Here comes an erudite
Why is he s polite?
Taken by his scintillating wit
I reckoned him as a gift
I took him as one of those nerds
But, alas his mesmerizing words
And his charming look
Pinned my heart on a hook

Fascinated by his serenity
Allured by his humility
I marveled at the intensity
Of his love and compassion
My heart was astir
With passionate love
I will cherish our evening strolls
Moments by the waterfalls
Silly mischiefs in the park
Where we wandered until dark
Those gentle caresses
The feel of his fingers through my tresses
His soft whispers
A delight for my ears
When I rest on his shoulders
I have no cares

In my final moments
I’ll have no laments
I met the best lover
He’s a believer
A respected professor
A wonderful helper
My soulmate, my best friend
A gem of a husband!



Someday you’ll see
Deep inside me
A stinging pain within me lingers
Unaware of my pangs of hunger
You vanish into the crowd
Should I cry aloud?
From you, my sobs are hidden
My heart heavy laden
You’d say I am obsessing
If I start confessing
My desire to be with you
The least you could do
Is to write a line
To ask if I am fine
My muffled moans
Unknown to dear ones
My tears concealed
So it may not be revealed
That I am desperate
Your passivity will obliterate
The joy of this gem
Am I just one among them?
Or do you regard me as the best?
One day, I will finish this quest


I cannot pen it down
On me, you lay a crown
At times, you make me frown
Your absence causes me to groan
I wait in expectation
Can’t explain this emotion
With you, my soul longs to be
Thoughts of you captivate me
I’d flee to you and cry
If I had wings to fly
This crazy fascination
Debilitating soul connection
It’s one of a kind
Inconceivable to my mind
Please tell me the reason
Why I’m trapped in this prison
A prison I don’t want to leave
This you will not believe!

The Cane

This is from the perspective of children who are raised in boarding schools who often lack the daily dose of affection from their parents and often times punishment by the wrong people makes them insecure which haunts them into their adulthood.

Like a wound, that festers
My mind wanders
Upon my childhood days, I ponder
My heart says, “Don’t go yonder”
But, I am inclined to leap
My mind nudges me to peep
Into those childhood years
Filled with tears and fears
How I longed for a hug
In my mom’s arms to be snug
To listen to my papa’s stories
More often to visit the beaches
To eat ice-cream with my brother
Those dreams were farther

Raised in a convent
None to see my lament
I felt abandoned
I wanted to abscond
The cane’s kisses
Nun’s abuses
Still fresh in my mind
They define, “unkind”
I can still feel the terror
My mind’s horror
When I see the cane
It would freeze my brain
I would cringe in pain
I’d go insane
Childhood was a nightmare
I don’t want to go there

At nights, I hid under the covers
Afraid to look out, fearing evil powers
At daytime, I shuddered of beatings
Wondering when the cane would come with a greeting
There was none to console me
None to tell me, “It’s okay!”
None to shower me with confidence
None to pamper me with love
Shame was my bestie
My sibling, insecurity
The nails of nuns deep in my skin
Due to pain, I‘d raise my chin
It would bruise me purple
I abhorred those people
Clad in white gowns
They never heard my groans!

Originally posted @Ria’s Arts


This poem is written from the perspective of a hard-working career woman, who is also a mom and feels like a slave having to cook, clean, shop and do all the chores aside from the work at her job and still not being able to relax her mind, since she is being blamed for being hooked on social media.  At this point, she is desperate to connect with friends and feels unloved and unappreciated and wants to rebel!

I feel stifled, suffocated
I’ve been defeated
No more will I tolerate
I need an advocate
If I drench myself in wine
Would it release me from pain?
I tried religion
But ended up with a legion
Anger, insomnia, and agony
Are some among the many!
Depression, my companion
Unceasing, it lurks on
Push me to the grave
I can’t pretend to be brave
I feel like a slave
Affection, I crave

I run like a horse
Doing all the chores
I don’t count my scores
I’m filled with remorse
Loneliness is shriveling
Though I have everything

Your love so passive
Yet, so possessive
I want to rise above the horizon
Fly away from this prison
I can’t quit socializing
Please stop harassing
It’s my way of relaxing
After long hours of toiling
So my loved ones can be fed
My feet are tired
Due to long hours of standing
You can go on ranting
But I’ve learned to ignore
I don’t care anymore!

Originally posted @ Ria’s Arts