MongoDB Indexing Part 2

Multi Term Query

db.animals.find({name:’cat’, tags:’land’}).explain()

— Looking for the name ‘cat and the tag ‘land’. the result


As you can see there is an index and the same index is being used.

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Coding For Performance : Interface Dispatch

The first time you call a method through an interface, .NET has to figure out which type and method to make the call on. It will first make a call to a stub that finds the right method to call for the appropriate object implementing that interface. Once this happens a few times, the CLR will recognize that the same concrete type is always being called and this indirect call via the stub is reduced to a stub of just a handful of assembly instructions that makes a direct call to the correct method. This group of instructions is called a monomorphic stub because it knows how to call a method for a single type. This is ideal for situations where a call site always calls interface methods on the same type every time.
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