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Five Finger Death Punch: Wrong side of heaven

If this song doesn’t move you….. nothing will. Next time you see a veteran… think about the sacrifices that they have made. Song dedicated to all the war veterans of this world Since “One mans freedom is another mans Tyranny”  “Wrong Side Of Heaven” I spoke to God today, and she said that she’s ashamed. […]
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Are you a Monster or a Hero ?

My life is a constant struggle between the demons that haunt me  (trust me, they are more than a handful) and the alter ego that torments me. I guess all of us go through that, but we plaster our faces with the proverbial “I am great, how are you doing?” laconic gesture. When I used […]
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Another one using Mixcraft

I was experimenting with the drums in Mixcraft…

Megadeath Vs Arch enemy (Symphony of Destruction)

I accidentally came across the classic song “Symphony of Destruction” on YouTube ( happens to be an all time favorite song for me). Arch enemy has rendition-ed the song in their own guttural growls. Which do you think sounds better? I liked the original, but after hearing Arch enemy a couple of times, I am […]
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Music in Mixcraft

I made this track using Mixcraft. Just threw a couple of loops together…. Thought to keep it for posterity… to remember what I’ve been doing on such and such day.