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12 Oracle Design Consideration

Oracle Design Consideration, Index organized tables, partitioned tables, range partition, list partition, hash partition, composite partition

11 House Keeping in Oracle

House keeping in Oracle: invalid optimizer statistics, buffer gets, Disk Reads

07 Performance Improvement Consideration

Oracle Performance Improvement Consideration, union vs OR, Union all vs Union, exist vs IN

06 Index Suppression

Index Suppression in Oracle, operators, sub-strings, Arithmetic operators, Truncate , function based index

05 Simple Tuning Rules

Simple Tuning Rules for Oracle. Where vs having, table aliases

04 Explain Plan

Oracle Explain Plan, Execution Plan,

03 Accessing Tables

Oracle Accessing Tables, Types o table access

02 Oracle Optimizer and its execution plan

Oracle Optimizer and its execution plan, cost based optimizer, execution plan. statistics, SQL tuning tools

01 Oracle SQL Tuning Intro

Prerequisites for SQL Tuning You will need to know the following to make use of this article Familiarity with database architecture: This means how oracle stores data, how it retrieves the data and how it produces the result set. Knowledge of SQL : what tables to use, when to join each table and how to join tables […]
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