10 Oracle Hints to the Database


A hint is an instruction passed to the optimizer through comments in an SQL statement. Hints enable you to make decisions normally made automatically by the optimizer.

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08 Considerations while using PLSQL in programming (Oracle)

Reduce the number of trips to the Database

Every time SQL is executed, Oracle needs to perform all the internal processing steps, so try to reduce the number of database accesses. This reduces a lot of burden on the database.

Example: If you want to fetch the data of 2 products in the PL/SQL programming language.

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Performance tuning of SQL Queries (Oracle)

Contents copied from http://geekexplains.blogspot.com/2008/06/how-to-tune-sql-queries-for-better.html

Performance of the SQL queries of an application often play a big role in the overall performance of the underlying application. The response time may at times be really irritating for the end users if the application doesn’t have fine-tuned SQL queries. There are sevaral ways of tuning SQl statements, few of which are:-

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