I am impressed in debt
I cant seem to wring free
these bonds that tie me up,
are tightening its grip on me
my nakedness reveal my shame
my inner man is but a shadow in retreat
Each day brings forth neglect and compulsions
I cant seem to idle away a day in sublime peace
When will this torture end
when will my contenance shine
My faith is on a precipice
but I cant loose hope
I can ignore the world
ignore the reality of death
but I cant ignore the claims of a mad man
for he was either mad, bad or the son of God
No man has made such claims.
no man so bold
None died for a treacherous lie
none personified such foresight
I know my path is set
I know my resolve will be tested
but the captain of my ship
his sights are keen
He holds my hand
no condemnation, but grace
his promises are everlasting
and I await his return.

Written by: Prashant Thomas


The Bitch & The Lord

A couple of years back, there was a pastor who used to counsel me. We used to meet at around 6ish in the morning. He was a great guy and I really admired his willingness to go the extra mile. One day as we were parting after our morning meeting, he called me and I turned back and looked at him. He smiled and said “You know you are a bitch right!!!”. I was a bit shocked, but then I realized he was just trying to wake me up from the maladies (or slumber) that I was suffering from. I am a servant of GOD…. because I know that I am saved.

Romans 8:1

1Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

Forgiveness is a very difficult concept to understand.

Where have I been
these years of yearning.
My life riddled with the benign
caricature of a vagrant being.

You called me by name
You knew me from before time,
But I recognized the shame
of a life untamed

Bankrupt and insolvent,
my soul wreaked by an ailment
Emancipated and outed as a miscreant,
My sacrilege, aberrant and errant.

Hands that wrote away the onlookers
Men with stones to mark the hooker
Forgiveness in the hands of the maker
Tenderness and compassion, devine in nature

How oft can you find such love
How oft can you deserve such kindness
My LORD and my GOD
I will never perceive or
comprehend the nature of


Written by : Prashant Thomas

Crossed Out

Maimed for our offences
He became our defense
Our Savior and Lord
His name we laud
Prostrate we fall
before the king of all
The punishment was gory
that led him to glory
God quenched his fury
and brought forth victory
tis' a great mystery
that made history
Clothed in linens white
bearing his light
with imperishable tents
and devotion intense

we'll worship the king
His praises we'll sing
  • Maria Joseph


My callous heart he softened
My downcast spirit he softened
At his words I marveled
and his mysteries unraveled
When I sought his face
I was caught by his grace
I was clothed in his peace
and a garment of praise
He turned from his wrath
and showed me his path
my maladies and tragedies
He replaced with rhapsodies
My afflictions so peripheral
Heavenly bliss eternal
Heavenly bliss eternal
that our Father has sworn
to his children forlorn

A Poem by Bindhu  Joseph


Steady Steps


"If the LORD delights in a man's way, he makes his steps firm;

 though he stumble, he will not fall, 

for the LORD upholds him with his hand"

Psalm 37:23-24
Held in His hand, I shall see the Promised Land.
Never should I fear, because He is always near.
Though I may stumble, He won’t ever let me tumble.
So much love, from the One who is above.


My Steps are firm and solid, and my ticket to Heaven is valid.
Holding me close, his love clearly shows.
Protected by his wings, to the Eternal Rock I cling.
His majesty is glorious, and through him I am victorious.


Such wonderful care and such beautiful prayer.
His amazing peace will never cease.
Unending joy I’ve been given, and to Heaven I’ll be driven.
He’s always kept his word, and I know that I’m part of his herd.
Now my friends will you take his hand? He wants all of us in the Promised Land.
He will never let you fall, neither big or small.
He will always care for you. It doesn’t matter what you do.
All he needs is your love. Just give it to the One above.


I know He is with me and He won’t ever leave me.
He is my shield. The contract has been sealed.
He has given me life and protected me from strife.
Whom shall I fear when my Jesus is near?


This poem was written by my nephew (Jeremy Joseph). I wanted to share it, because I loved it.