Saving Grace

Unmerited forgiveness is what I received
From my Savior whose body was pierced
For my transgression, he was slain
His pain became my gain

My riches and treasures
They give me no pleasure
In a world that offers only tears

One day, my knee will bow
To his conspicuous love
One day my tongue will sing
Of his amazing grace
One day my feet will tread
Those precious paths of gold

One day, when he wipes my tears
Extinct would be my fears
When I see the lamb of God
Magnificently adorned
seated on the heavenly throne

– A poem of hope based on the book of Revelation 21
– Written by Maria Joseph


The Trump Card

President Trump, just did the unthinkable. He just made a statement that was purely trumpish…  he also garnered a significant populace behind him. All the Christians who were like  trumph…. blah… just got a rude wake up call ( that includes me). Any Bible believing christian would agree that this is not coincidence,  this is prophesy.

I have often disagreed with other Christians about the illegitimacy of Trumps president-ship ( not because he did something illegal, mostly because I think he won by fluke… and also because people voted against Clinton… because she seemed like a player),  his tomfoolery and his immature tweets. Now I have to reconcile that whether he is a fool or  “The President of America”, he is unequivocally GOD’s tool.

Trump just defined his presidency and by extension redefined the role that the US of A has to play on the world stage.

I think more than Trump, it’s a call towards Christians  to accept and embrace the prophesy foretold in revelations.

These are interesting times for sure….. I just hope that we will weather it with grace.




The Final Chapter

The devil, who deceived [the nations], was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where the beast and the false prophet are. And they will be tormented day and night forever and ever.
Revelation 20:10

Two researchers in the University of California, San Diego’s psychology department wanted to know: Do people enjoy reading fiction more or less if they know how the story ends? That is, does it help to read the last chapter before starting the newest crime fiction novel? As it turns out, the subjects in the study reported enjoying the story more when they knew up front how the story would end.

That’s good news for Bible readers! We have been given a lengthy story to read with lots of plot twists and surprises along the way. It’s the story of good versus evil and we want to know who wins in the end (1 John 3:8; 5:19). Fortunately, the final chapters—Revelation 19-22—could not be more clear. Christ returns to earth with the armies of heaven and defeats Satan and his legions. He then rules the earth for 1,000 years, banishes Satan forever, and ushers us into everlasting peace and righteousness in the New Jerusalem.

Go ahead—read those four final chapters! They will shine the light of hopeful certainty when the days are dark.

Let’s keep our chins up and our knees down—we’re on the victory side!
Alan Redpath