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Beast of Burden

Death and Dying


When the relationship has completely eroded and there is nothing more to be said


you don’t want to read


Steganography – The practice of concealing a message in a message. Can you find the hidden message?

Smoke & Mirrors (Addiction to Depression?)

Did you know that you can get addicted to depression?

Hollow Man

When life tempts you to turn your back on it

Heaven Forbid

I succumb yet again….It wasn’t as fun as I had hoped.

One For Sorrow

I am the last The one who holds on past Clinging on something we used to have I am the last The one who chose this path To walk among the world of shadows Always one for sorrow Never one for love Two souls destined to failure Right from the start It was always one […]
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The Giant

Falling from my life deep to the sea Drowning from living to the depths of me Like the water that burns in my lungs And the light that slowly fades above me I’m bleeding rivers and they carried me to the sea Crushing in this pressure, turning to stone Roots rip my flesh and fill […]
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