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The Gateway of the Eye

I have made a covenant with my eyes; why then should I look upon a young woman? Job 31:1 To break a covenant in the ancient Near East was serious business, resulting in shame or judgment (Joshua 9). That’s why Job’s act was so extraordinary: He made a covenant with his eyes. He couldn’t cast […]
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Accounts Payable

Can man be held accountable for his sinful actions, and yet have Christ act as a substitute for his sins?

Repentance vs. Addiction

repentance vs addiction. Does repentance mean that you have to completely overcome your addiction?


It doesn’t seem fair, that once a person becomes a believer in Christ, that all his sins are forgiven (past, present, and future). However, I am so thankful that God has forgiven my sins (hypocritical, I know). It’s hard for me, as a believer, to watch another believer commit sin, and that person simply continues […]
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Time of Death

Why didn’t Adam and Eve die the moment they ate, as Genesis 2:17 implies?

Relentless Pursuit

Satan does far more harm as an angel of light than as a roaring lion. 
Vance Havner

The Battle Within

The flesh ever seeks to be glorified before it is crucified.
Martin Luther

Pants on Fire!

Sin is like fire, because if you wait too long before you attempt to bring it under, the attempt is useless. The time comes when fire gets the upper hand.
E. A. Gillett

Depression vs. Guilt

Confession of our faults is the next thing to innocence-Publilius Syrus


how can the Bible explain sin and suffering