Reasons for Cheer

These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.
John 16:33

Basic Combat Training is the official name for what U.S. Army veterans affectionately refer to as “boot camp”—ten weeks of programmed exercise, education, exertion, and examination. It is not fun nor meant to be. When new recruits begin to flag after the first week or two, they are reminded, “You can do anything for ten weeks!” In other words, the experience of suffering changes radically when there is an end point in view.

When Jesus was preparing for the most intense of His own tribulations, His arrest and crucifixion, He warned His disciples that they, too, would “have tribulation.” It would not be open-ended tribulation but tribulation with parameters. It would not last forever; as He did, they would ultimately overcome the world and its tribulations; and those boundaries on their suffering were reasons for “good cheer.” He did not define the end point, only that the end point would come.

When you wonder if the world has gotten the upper hand, remember: Christ has overcome the world. And, in Him, so have you.

The staying power of our faith is neither demonstrated nor developed until it is tested by suffering.
D. A. Carson


Life in the Raw


Saint or Sinner

I wonder if people actually share their real feelings on WP. I am talking about the slime and the grime. The stuff that makes us human, yet the stuff that we don’t want others to see. We  like to present polished images of our mad puffery.

I have often contemplated of just laying it out there, but then what would others think? Will I be accepted?  But then again, who cares about acceptance and about what others think?  If we cant be true to ourselves then what is the point of existence. Isn’t that what Jesus said, that the truth will set you free. ( I get it…. its a little out of context). But think about it… If I were to say something controversial , people would whisper about it, but it will eventually become  boring and uninteresting.

In this world, there are two types of people, The ones who proudly flaunt public indecency and make a spectacle of vagrant behavior to the point of making it de rigueur and then there is the normal folk who are ashamed perpetually  of the imperfections in their life, who are constantly looking for ways to make semblance of their hum drum lives. Some days better than the others….. struggling to make peace with grace, forgiveness. and redemption.

The only difference between the saint and the sinner is that every saint has a past and every sinner has a future: Oscar-wilde

The only difference between the saint and the sinner is that every saint has a past and every sinner has a future: Oscar-wilde



I am impressed in debt
I cant seem to wring free
these bonds that tie me up,
are tightening its grip on me
my nakedness reveal my shame
my inner man is but a shadow in retreat
Each day brings forth neglect and compulsions
I cant seem to idle away a day in sublime peace
When will this torture end
when will my contenance shine
My faith is on a precipice
but I cant loose hope
I can ignore the world
ignore the reality of death
but I cant ignore the claims of a mad man
for he was either mad, bad or the son of God
No man has made such claims.
no man so bold
None died for a treacherous lie
none personified such foresight
I know my path is set
I know my resolve will be tested
but the captain of my ship
his sights are keen
He holds my hand
no condemnation, but grace
his promises are everlasting
and I await his return.

Written by: Prashant Thomas

The Bitch & The Lord

A couple of years back, there was a pastor who used to counsel me. We used to meet at around 6ish in the morning. He was a great guy and I really admired his willingness to go the extra mile. One day as we were parting after our morning meeting, he called me and I turned back and looked at him. He smiled and said “You know you are a bitch right!!!”. I was a bit shocked, but then I realized he was just trying to wake me up from the maladies (or slumber) that I was suffering from. I am a servant of GOD…. because I know that I am saved.

Romans 8:1

1Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.


Forgiveness is a very difficult concept to understand.

Where have I been
these years of yearning.
My life riddled with the benign
caricature of a vagrant being.

You called me by name
You knew me from before time,
But I recognized the shame
of a life untamed

Bankrupt and insolvent,
my soul wreaked by an ailment
Emancipated and outed as a miscreant,
My sacrilege, aberrant and errant.

Hands that wrote away the onlookers
Men with stones to mark the hooker
Forgiveness in the hands of the maker
Tenderness and compassion, devine in nature

How oft can you find such love
How oft can you deserve such kindness
My LORD and my GOD
I will never perceive or
comprehend the nature of


Written by : Prashant Thomas

The demons are coming back

Not even a   day after the retreat, I feel like 10 more demons are trying to find a place inside me. When ever you are institutionalized (by that I mean retreats as well), you think you have overcome your demons and have swept your house clean. But it has never worked for me…. I seem to do well for a while  and then I fizzle out for no good reason.

The common notion is that you need 21 days of abstinence (or persistence) to break/create a habit, but apparently there is a great difference between forming a habit and automaticity (i.e. the notion of acting without thinking). Apparently automaticity is the central driver of habits.  There is a curved relationship between habit and automaticity — meaning that the earlier repetitions were most beneficial for establishing a habit, and gains gradually dwindled over time.

It’s like trying to run up a hill that starts out steep and gradually levels off. At the start you’re making great progress upwards, but the closer you get to the peak, the smaller the gains in altitude with each step.

Research suggests that 21 days to form a habit is probably right, as long as all you want to do is drink a glass of water after breakfast. Anything harder is likely to take longer to become a really strong habit, and, in the case of some activities, much longer.

If  anyone ever reads this piece, please make a short prayer for me. I really need all the help I can get

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