The demons are coming back

Not even a   day after the retreat, I feel like 10 more demons are trying to find a place inside me. When ever you are institutionalized (by that I mean retreats as well), you think you have overcome your demons and have swept your house clean. But it has never worked for me.... I... Continue Reading →

Crossed Out Maimed for our offences He became our defense Our Savior and Lord His name we laud Prostrate we fall before the king of all The punishment was gory that led him to glory God quenched his fury and brought forth victory tis' a great mystery that made history Clothed in linens white bearing his... Continue Reading →

Palmistry, Horoscopes,Handwriting analysis & Personality Tests

So the first two i.e palmistry and horoscopes are for quack jobs, but then, that is also like trying to prove or disprove the existence  of GOD. Maybe there is something to it. Handwriting analysis and Personality tests are grounded on scientific research.  The point that I am trying to make is that none of... Continue Reading →

Rash Driving Kerala: The Real Culprits

vehiclesBelow are excerpts from  regional news articles. Read it, but please bear with me...because I have a point to make From “The statistics may not be very high when compared to the offences committed by the drivers of private vehicles. But it is high when compared to KSRTC’s own statistics in the previous years,”... Continue Reading →

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