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Indexing Tool : Database Engine Tuning Advisor

Indexing Tool : Database Engine Tuning Advisor

Indexing Tool : Missing Index Dynamic Management Objects (DMO)

Indexing Tools:Missing Index Dynamic Management Objects (DMO)

Bespoke Vs COTS

While I was engaged in a conversation with our Marketing Manager about the differences between Bespoke Software versus Commercial Off the Shelf Software (AKA COTS), it occurred to me that “Bespoke” sounded like a very arcane word, almost alien yet it was popular in IT parlance and rhetoric. I personally found that people used the word […]
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The MongoDB Shell, Unpeeled

Role of the Mongo Shell The Shell in a nutshell Your application talks to the MongoD server when it needs to read or write data. But what exactly are they doing? How is the Mongo server doing? Are the updates being committed to the server? Is the server configured correctly and performing well? All of […]
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Demystifying MongoDB Consistency

Continuing from the previous Post Data consistency is a big deal, so its worth taking a look at MongoDB handles consistency. In a single database scenario, if we have 2 observers A & B, and there is a document with a value X=’123′. At some point A decides to update the document with say  ‘789’ […]
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