Prashant Thomas

I like to cook in my free time, but lately (very, very) its been on the back burner. In fact I started this site for the sole purpose of blogging my culinary adventures. Sadly that never materialised. When my dad passed away, I went through a bad patch. So I relocated back to India after 15 years of sojourning in the U.S. I have travelled across the US and worked for many companies. Almost though that I would settle there. But here I am…

Aside from cooking, my second favourite passion is learning. If I had a choice, I would still go back to college. I spend a ginormous amount of time tinkering with Arch Linux OS. I always find something to fix or learn. Love programming , love to read about futurism, Artificial intelligence and the shape of things to come.

I am mystified by consciousness, human nature, death and the mystery of life. What purpose do we serve in the grand scale of time. Do we even matter? Every generation mindlessly repeating the same old story but with different trinkets at their disposal. Maybe we live in a simulation. Every generation a better version of ourselves. That got me thinking….

I have a strange relationship with GOD. Sometimes I am drawn to Him (Assuming that it is a He – You could say I am an MCP, so the bias), other times I question the very nature of GOD. Is God a man made construct to explain away the things / circumstances that surround him, that don’t make sense? Now that Man is tethering towards the edge of defining consciousness (may be in another 100 years???) or perhaps at the edge of redefining longevity. As we loom into the Age of Aquarius (Metaphorically speaking…) will we dispose of long held traditions?

Stuff that makes me think & tinker
  • All things linux
  • Religion, Esp the idea of monotheism

Social Presence

  • Games (If I had time)
  • Science fiction, Futurism, Singularity


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