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I have often wanted to express myself, but I hold myself back because there are millions of people expressing themselves via blogs. Would one more person make a difference and who has the time to read when most people are busy promoting their blogs. I have to assume that a great many bloggers are needy (Self centered??? or kindred spirits???) and are trying to reach out to the rest of humanity because they can’t really reach out to the people surrounding their lives… perhaps misunderstood. (maybe it’s me self critiquing myself) So I struggle to understand when people brand and label their petty work with copyright notices. Other vending their opinions and advices ever so profusely.

Why… bother…???  So you might ask me… Why spout religion on my blog when there are a million other blogs that talk about the same thing… I guess the answer is…
For one, I am religious but fatally flawed, and so its more of a reminder to myself
second, I hate reading long articles, because it gets boring and tardy real fast. So I figure there must be a crowd interested in a quick read.

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  1. Everybody has their own ways of telling their own stories, everybody has their own perspectives of seeing life and everybody has their own experience. It can be that perhaps you or anybody else write about the same thing, but in the end what really matters is your little something that you convey inside of your message. Beautiful thoughts that you have written here.

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  2. I have been blogging (with WordPress) for nearly six years, and believe me, I’ve asked myself the same questions. There are a variety of possible reasons individuals blog; you have mentioned a few. One more reason may be that it is therapeutic. Of course, one might reply, “Then why not simply keep a diary?” You may very well have captured part of the answer in the idea of need — i.e. the need to be heard, or at least the perception that one is being heard. Then again, one might very well believe and deeply feel as if one does, in fact, have something unique to offer and that, consequently, it is not only worth putting out there but that there will be others (however few) who read, understand, and appreciate. And let’s face it, out of all the tens of thousands of musicians, artists, poets, sculptors, writers, etc. who have worked down through the ages, a few have risen to the top to become part of our artistic-cultural constitution (or make-up.) I submit that the same is true today in regards to blogging. For may, blogging is simply utilizing modern technology to convey unique creativity (and that without having to have a patron!) Just my “two cents” worth. Good article!

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  3. I think your comment that their work is petty is a bit harsh… yet I agree about all of the copyright notices. I HOPE that it’s humbleness that makes me feel that way. As in… who would steal it anyway?!?!? 😉 And my blogging is creative venting, if you were to ask me. It’s fun and healing to be creative but without sharing it, it’s just another ‘thing’ I do alone. I always think of, and one of the things that actually brought me to blogging, was “Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift to Him.” – Who knows who might read something that changes their life even years down the road, no? Just my thoughts.

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  4. I’m blogging because I think I have something to offer. I also blog because I want my children to understand who I am and what I stand for as they grow older. Sure, I’ll be able to tell them certain things, but there’s something about the written word. In addition to that, I think it’s pretty fun.

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