Bloggers you might ❤ 27/02/2017

I have a promote your blog link on my site where I encourage people to leave a link to their blog and a short description about their site or themselves.

“Hint: Please write something interesting”

These are a few blogs that I would like to feature today

ItsBond007I hate Once upon a time tales, And I don’t go beyond the first phrase, Those stories boast of joy often, Which I used to have, Once upon a time. I’m a girl of 17, would appreciate any sorta support cause I love writing stuff!

J. Mark Fox:  I am a pastor and college professor, husband to one, father to seven and grandfather to five (so far). My blog is mostly a re-post of weekly columns I write for the daily newspaper in our town, where I reflect on church and culture from a biblical worldview. Mark is a native of Winston-Salem, went to school at UNC (B.A., M.A.) where he met his wife, Cindy. They have been married for 33 years (as of June 2015) and have seven children, ages 30 to 15

CMOAS: I am fairly new to the blogging world, and I must say that it is growing on me!! I am an aspiring writer, my journey has been a unique one thus far. I figured that I use my voice to inspire others! I welcome all readers and feedback it will only assist me with growth! I am Just an Average Individual Shedding Light to Life’s Journey.

Tamira ( My name is Tamira and my blog is about healthy living, beauty and self care tips. I feel that overall health is extremely important and I am here to give as much health and beauty tips as I can. Feel free to stop by my blog.

Vince700I was born in the USA and had the blessing of living 20 years in South America and Spain. It amazes me when thinking of the many experiences and yes miracles I’ve seen. You see I was a missionary, and on so many occasions the other missionaries and me had no idea how Jesus was going to work out our situation, but He did. I love sharing about how God leads us and cares for us, many times when we miss seeing His hand. (Please support my ministry)

PseudonymHi, my name is Pseudonym and I’ve been writing poems and short stories on my blog. It’s usually somewhat melancholic with a hint of romance in them. Apart from that every now and then, I use my voice to talk about things I need to be talked about more often. I would love it if you checked out my blog. ❤ ^.^

Joe RodriguezBlessings! I have been blogging for about a year now. As a lighthouse aficionado, I visit, collect, and write about the inspirations I receive from these amazing beacons of hope. But these inspirations would be meaningless if they did not bring glory to the Light of the World, our Savior Jesus. You can read about some amazing lighthouse facts and their biblical applications at my Lighthouse Devotions blog.


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