Private: Invitation Only–Please Join Us In The Fight To Provide Effective Services To Those Suffering. Tj & Mike

Well I suppose I should have just posted this first but in case you got confused what I said this is the initial invitation to my followers but you are my followers as soon as you click the button so you’re in my circle just click the follow button and you become a father and this invitation is for you so read through this carefully and see the best thing for you and I that’s all you should need..

The only thing that’s different from here today is Mike said as of yesterday anybody  who is a subscriber gets his services FREE no  matter what level yiu are. On the invitation I just shared with you and to my followers the other day- it says  you a few hours per month with Mike – if you had a certain level – he changed all that yesterday and said anybody at any level gets as many hours as they need to get well… any month as long as you’re an active subscriber  so that’s really good news!!!


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