Bloggers you might ❤ 12/8/17

I have a promote your blog link on my site where I encourage people to leave a link to their blog and a short description about their site or themselves.

“Hint: Please write something interesting”

These are a few blogs that I would like to feature today

SimplicitySynced: Catch me in my free time with a coffee and a book, making music, spending time with my fiance, or all of those in a day’s work. Reading is exercise for the mind. I write to inspire, encourage and make people think about the ordinary in uncommon ways. I write to share experiences. I write to lead others to the message of ultimate reconciliation: The Cross.

proclivitas: This is an all out completely open and honest blog from someone who is struggling with addiction. Right now I am in the midst of it. I have another blog, mainly focused on philosophy and spirituality, but I felt the need to be transparent at least about this. It shows what an addict is and can become. I am an esteemed, well-liked, generous, and loving individual who does the most horrendous acts when I am consumed by my addictions and believe me, the shame and guilt compound the self-hatred. So if peeking into the life of a depressed, pleasure seeking man in pain is something that might interest you, you can check my blog out. I leave nothing out. I just started this because I had to.

Shante Hi, my name is Shanté and my blog is called “Grace and Glory.” It’s really kind of you to do this. My friend and I are co-writers and we publish a new post once every two weeks. We are college students and we love God. We became motivated to start a blog about a year ago. We wanted to use our life stories to encourage and inspire other Christians (and non-Christians as well.) So, everything we write is somehow influenced by something we’ve experienced, seen, or been inspired by. The title “Grace and Glory,” is actually inspired by the idea that we are all flawed but God has taken our weaknesses and made something beautiful out of them, using them for His glory. His grace has brought us to where we are and we are forever grateful.

Tripinfi: Tripinfi is a india based travelog , We love to travel and explore new places. The idea behind creating this blog is to spread the passion and love for traveling to others and also sharing the knowledge about the beautiful destinations in India and Asia. We have shared our own experiences so that it helps others to get an idea of different places. Photographs shared are taken by us. We will keep on updating our website with new places and with our new experiences. Hope everyone finds it useful to plan your trips. We are always open to suggestions and happy to help.

Bismita Guha2 AM Productions. Staying awake late at night many thoughts hover our mind. This blog brings out my 2 am thoughts to you. It has all sorts of posts- motivational, love, depressing, happy ones and world issues too. Many interesting and eyecatchy blogs are upcoming too. Be ready for some awesome write-ups to be served with sauce and spice. Do follow if you love what I write.

The Lazy Lipstick Life Hi my name is Bethany! I’m new to blogging, but have always had a passion for writing. You can find my blog at I will share makeup reviews, recipes, funny stories, shopping tips, and any tips/tricks and inspirational tidbits along the way. So far, I’m having a ton of fun with it! Thank you so much for this opportunity to share! ♥️


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