Bloggers you might ❤ 20/10/17

I have a promote your blog link on my site where I encourage people to leave a link to their blog and a short description about their site or themselves.

“Hint: Please write something interesting”

These are a few blogs that I would like to feature today

divinespice: My name is Nithya and I am a food blogger who believes in eating good food makes you feel better. I try to post variety of recipes in a healthy way without compromising the taste. I am also working on offering health and beauty tips! Hope you guys find my blog interesting! Link to my blog is :-

lilsprinklesofsparkle:  Hi! I am Kieona and I am 13 this year. You could call this a lifestyle blog. I love blogging about my past and present experiences and my little sister. I like to doodle, crochet, do gymnastics and crafts. 🙂 I just started blogging about 3 weeks ago (that was sometime back) . Please do visit my blog and if you enjoyed it, please leave comments (comments are definitely welcome!) and follow my blog for the latest updates on new posts!


Ethan Collins: David Malone and I are the admins over at, which we just started up January of this year. Over there at ED, we love to discuss music, movies, and more. Our principles might be summarized as such: Have fun; be open to new and diverse styles, genres, and experiences; don’t become stagnant; and always apply critical thinking. David and I are IT guys by day, bloggers by night, and lovers of good movies and music always.

CelinaKayMy name is Celina and my blog is called, “Dear You, Love, Celina Kay”. It is a personal blog that details my life experiences and the lessons I’ve been learning along my journey this year. I am a strong believer and have found that this type of writing has brought me closer to Christ. You see, “Dear You, Love, Celina Kay” is written like diary entries, so I try to make it as honest as possible, without giving away the intimate details of my life. It started really as me processing to myself. So this “you” was really me, even though I am writing to all that read. God’s used my words to heal wounds within myself and I think even touch the hearts of a few that have read my posts.

I started writing over here on WP in January and was encouraged to do so after writing my best friend this short story for him as his Christmas present. My favorite type of writing has always been that of the creative and personal type, so this has been a really fun journey 🙂 I’m so excited to see how my blog grows as the year progressing. I release a new post each much and each month’s topic is just as much a mystery to me as it is to my readers hahah! I hope you find the time to check it out 🙂

hurlwinds: I don’t quite know how to explain my blog. I’m 20 years old hiding under the name Hurlwinds because writing as myself tends to result in me limiting what I will say. I created Hurlwinds on Twitter as a means to anonymously post poetry. However, for the last two years I’ve been dealing with addiction issues, making it difficult to put down the bottle and pick up a writing utensil. I’m only a month sober (for what feels like the millionth time) but my blog is intended to be a healthy release for myself.
I have had the domain for a couple of weeks now, but my own self doubt has prevented me from opening up and writing a post until today.
I’m hoping I write daily. I’m hoping it’ll keep me sober. Because bottling shit up is my problem and I don’t want my hands on any sort of bottle ever again.

diariesofascatterbrain: Hello! My name is Cale and I thought it might be nice to document some of the things I do, see and think about throughout the day. I will also sprinkle in a few movie reviews and current events that I find interesting.

Lets see, I work in the IT department, for a Transportation Manufacturing company. It keeps me busy and I mainly post during my lunch break.

I am married to the love of my life. We met in college and haven’t looked back. We recently celebrated our second wedding anniversary, as well as the birth of our first child! Our lives, seemingly, couldn’t be more busy.

I am an avid PC gamer and mainly play Rocket League. I have recently enjoyed playing Rainbow Six: Siege with a few of my buddies. There are certain games that I have to buy and play, recently those games have included Fallout 4 and GTA V, and Overwatch.

Sports have also played a big part in my life. I played football, baseball, and indoor soccer  throughout my high school career. I am a Dallas sports fan, even thought I live in NW PA. I enjoy watching the Cowboys, Stars, and Rangers.





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