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Compassion for Your Neighbor

My neighbor is anyone whose need I see, whose need God puts me in a position to meet.
Haddon Robinson

Social Media Vacation

Taking a vacation form blogging and social media

In Flames : Pure Eargasm

IN FLAMES : Responsible for developing the genre now known as melodic death metal.


The OR’s that changed my life

The Evolution of Style : Vegetal Patterns

“We can have all the available means of communication in the world, but nothing, absolutely nothing takes the place of the human look.”


We are in a mad rush all our lives. We love and hate with passion, but in the grand scale of things, all of it pales to the sand of time. What is the real significance of our actions? Do you even have a faint memory of your 4th-5th great grandfather? What was the significance of his life. His anger, pain, jealousy, love… all lost to time. So I wonder, what is the significance of the sum of our actions and inaction’s.

Breaking Up

breaking up and its consequences

My irksome MIL grrr…

Be warned , what follows is a rant. So my MIL is from India and she has been in USA for more than 40 years. She, supposedly has a Masters degree in English.   I never liked her, because she has a very strong personality  and when she does not get her way, she goes […]
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2 Times the fun

Aaron & Anaiah 2009


Today’s daily prompt : Hyperbole