Tempter’s hisses

Small conversations, expressions of care

These days I desire, it’s my only prayer

God had blessed me with everything else

Why did I feel my life was useless?

From my creator, I had drifted afar

My sorrows wouldn’t fit in a jar

He saw my heart, felt my frustration

He gifted me glimpses of tribulation

End times are near, I had to take action

I told myself, “no more procrastination”

“You need to think of your final destination”

I shifted my focus from friends and trends

Stopped getting busy with errands

My eyes got fixated on the nail pierced Jesus

Only his blood would bring me justice

My perspective changed, my love returned

With love for my savior, my heart burned

Vain indulgences would lead me astray

Keep me close to Jesus, I beg and pray

Only God can fill the vacuum I feel

Not friends or spouse, he did reveal

The family that prays together will survive

Any temptation that may arrive

My vile aspirations, god will forgive

His mercies are new every day, I live

A hope beyond grave noone else promises

A strength to ignore the tempter’s hisses

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